August 20, 2019

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Debt Collection FAQ

When can I expect payment?

Keep in mind that debt collection is a process that can require a lot of back and forth communication between lawyer and debtor. With the legal process of serving notice and getting an actionable judgment in court, you can expect at least a few months of wait time. However, the time between hiring an attorney and reaching a resolution is typically much less than the process involved with a collection agency. Your debt collection attorney will keep you advised of all communication and progress with the debt.

How do I choose a debt collection law firm?

Look for a law firm that specializes in debt collection and has been helping businesses like yours recover debts for many years. Also make sure the firm you choose is local in order to receive optimal personal attention. You can start your search for debt collection law firms on this website.

How do I submit a claim to a debt collection lawyer?

Contact the debt collection lawyer from those listed in our database of debt collection law firms. Some law firms have online claim forms you can access for your convenience. You’ll need to be prepared to present all supporting documents, including records of communication with the debtor.

When should I call a debt collection attorney?

If your customer or client has been unresponsive and the invoice is past due, you can enlist the help of an attorney right away. The sooner you hire a debt collection law firm, the better your chances may be of collecting on an outstanding debt.

What if my debtors file for bankruptcy?

The debt collection attorney you hire may be very useful in protecting your interests as a creditor during bankruptcy proceedings. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to have a debt deemed non-dischargeable, meaning the debtor is still required to pay you.

Let a skilled lawyer answer all of your questions about debt collection, with personalized guidance on the best collection methods for all of your outstanding debts. If you’d like to talk to a debt collection lawyer about recovering income that is past due, search our debt collection attorneys.